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Updated: Aug 22

Beyond the difference between high production and low production wines, a wine considered boutique refers to the difference between the planting process, irrigation, cultivation, and amount of wine marketed per year. We know that Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California is the producer of a large percentage of the wine that is distributed in Mexico, but nowadays wine consumers prefer to enjoy their favorite bottle in a winery, either with friends and family or simply enjoy a tasting in Valle de Guadalupe.

As a starting point we must emphasize that each vineyard has its charm and specialty, whether it is a commercial wine or not, but then what is the difference between boutique and commercial wine? On this occasion, Viñas de la ERRE prepared a small summary of the difference between commercial wine and boutique wine.

By the way, if you haven't guessed it yet, we are a boutique winery.

How Do We Know the Difference?

Boutique wines can be identified by three fundamental aspects:

  1. First consists of the process of growing and caring for the grapes,

  2. Second is the process of creation, elaboration and production of the grapes, and

  3. Third is the quantity of wine produced and distributed per year.

Unlike commercial wines, a boutique wine is treated one hundred percent artisanal from the planting of the grapes, this does not mean that a boutique wine is better and the best in the Valle de Guadalupe vineyard or worse than a commercial wine but it is more oriented to manual processes, but to classify a wine we must be knowledgeable and be attentive to detail.

Although each palate is unique and has different demands, certified wine tasters classify boutique wines as signature wines. An aspect that leads us to the next point, to talk about the winemaker of Viñas de la ERRE, Rogelio Morales, who together with us has been working to improve the process of creation and now the development of our family winery, visiting the vineyards is a good option to know how to differentiate the different wines and make your wine route without forgetting Viñas de la ERRE that offers you quality wines in the vineyards of the Guadalupe Valley.

Guadalupe Valley and La Erre Vineyards

Rogelio Morales, certified winemaker and connoisseur of the highest wine production in Napa Valley, USA, has led Viñas de la ERRE to its peak. The authentic blending of varietals from certified Napa Valley and Guadalupe Valley grapes, in addition to driving the implementation of vineyard irrigation with fresh, untreated water, 100% extracted from the subway well located in our extensive vineyard.

Our collaboration and hard work as a team when making each wine has led us to win distinctive gold medals that distinguish us among the valley's vineyards. The wines of Viñas de la ERRE in Valle de Guadalupe are not filtered, because thanks to this we can maintain a greater flavor and aroma when tasting each glass of wine so it is one of the best vineyards in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California.

Our production as valle de guadalupe vineyard ranges from complex and elegant red wines to wines that are light on the palate, but refreshing for any wine fan. You can find more information about our tasting options in the wine portfolio section. You have to try them all!

If you are excited to find which is best wine according to your criteria you can organize a wine tours and discover on your trip what are best for you it is important that you can have this experience in a tasting room because you would be living a more authentic experience especially if you do this tour in Mexico because we have best quality wines for your palate we can recommend Viñas de la Erre because if you are wondering wine tasting near me this is your best option.

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