Varietals of Wine for Newbies

Updated: Sep 13

The special occasion can be has arrived, a romantic dinner, a celebration with friends or a relaxing evening in the Guadalupe Valley and you don't know which wine tasting to choose. Don't panic or be embarrassed, we have all been in that situation at some point. So, if you consider yourself a beginner in the world of wine, the following information is for you, we will talk about wine for beginners.

The characteristics that make a good wine stand out can be many, once again, but it is important to recognize that neither the color, nor the time of reserve of the wine, or even the winery where it comes from will define it to your palate because the ideal red wine for beginners for you is chosen by you. Each palate is different, therefore each one demands wines of different colors, aromas, varietals, temperatures and flavors of wine.

Which Wine is Best to Drink?

The answer will probably only come from your palate when tasting a wine because once you live the experience of a tasting or simply try a wine you like, that is, the best wine for you, everything else flows and the fear of being "the new guy" disappears and you can be one of a very experienced wine drinkers.. On the other hand, although many times we can be amazed with the amount of wines available at tastings at prestigious vineyards, boutique vineyards and even in the supermarket, the secret is not to be overwhelmed in the world of wine. You must be a little patient and read the label on the bottle of the wines (or can be guided by the year and region of production if you do not like to read) to know the type of grape (varietal) that makes up the wine once again to know what you have in your hands and know varietals of wine.

What is Varietal?

We know that the elaboration and production of a wine comes from specific grapes, varietal wine so it is an important fact in the world of wine for beginners, and of course we explain it to you:

What do we Know About Varietal wine?

Varietal wine refer to the main type of grape from which a wine is made. That is, a bottle of Merlot wine refers to the type of grape called Merlot, a bottle of wine with Cabernet Sauvignon on the label refers to the type of grape or varietal with which it is made.

The desire to understand more about varietal wine and their varietals can awaken the curiosity to know your ideal red wine for beginners and visit a vineyard in Valle de Guadalupe to understand why its climate is perfect to produce different varietals. We understand that in this area the most common grape is Tempranillo, but thanks to the Mediterranean climate you can have grapes such as Grenache and Pinot Grigio which are European blends.

All Varietals in Viñas de la Erre For You

At Viñas de la Erre, for example, we handle an extensive list of varietals. From local ones like Tempranillo, to less common grapes from the Guadalupe Valley. Viñas de la Erre's house grape is Cabernet Sauvignon, one of the grapes most recognized for its varietals in red wine! Most of our reserve red wines are based on Cabernet Sauvignon which is a good recommendation from people who like and enjoy wine.

At Viñas de la Erre we seek to offer you wine options with exquisite varietal flavors that will leave you with the experience of drinking wine and wanting to try more and can be changed in wine regions. So, if you are a beginner and we invite you to visit us to try our tasting and define what kind of wine you like: red, rosé or white wines, find your favorite wine from Viñas de la Erre!

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