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Our Story

Hacienda San Martín Caballero was acquired in 1985 as the result of love at first sight that our parents Claudio and Nelly Rocha felt the first time they visited Valle de Guadalupe. For us, it became our backyard, a place where we could wander. But, for them, it meant expanding their legacy. For many years, our estate served mostly as a cattle ranch and farm. It was a long time after that the opportunity of transforming our land into a vineyard was presented.


In 2008, our father crossed paths with Rogelio Morales, who at the time was working as Cellar Manager and Assistant Winemaker for Spring Mountain Winery in Napa Valley, CA. As their friendship grew fonder and our families closer, they decided to come to visit our home in Valle de Guadalupe. Rogelio was overwhelmed by the potential the terroir offered and immediately proposed his mentorship if we ever decided to embark on the wine industry. As entrepreneurs there was not much convincing to be done, we all loved wine and Valle de Guadalupe!


Viñas de la ERRE was born in 2010 and officially opened its doors in 2014. Today, we offer our customers a distinctive product due to the meticulousness of our true estate bottling winemaking process. This can only be achieved thanks to our amazing trio composed of winegrower Ernesto I. Rocha, mentor enologist Rogelio, and our father himself as vineyard manager. In synergy, they manage to sustain our vineyard, hand-harvest, and monitor fermentation, barrel-aging, and bottling. Nowadays, our wines are nationally and internationally recognized for their high-quality, gaining the attention of sommeliers around the world.


Our dedicated representation of love, family, and Valle de Guadalupe is savored in every one of our wines. We invite you to come to experience Viñas de la ERRE, we promise an unparalleled wine experience encompassed with unforgettable moments.

C h e e r s,

Erre Family

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