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Our Story

What began as a serendipitous journey for Claudio and Nelly Rocha transformed into an internationally renowned vineyard and winery known for its exceptional wine portfolio.

The Inception of Hacienda San Martín Caballero

During a visit to Valle de Guadalupe in 1985, Claudio and Nelly Rocha stumbled upon Valle de Guadalupe and fell in love with the town, amazing weather, and beauty of the land. They quickly saw the potential to expand their legacy to Valle de Guadalupe. For Claudio and Nelly, it represented a blank canvas, waiting to be transformed. Initially, the estate was predominantly a cattle ranch and farm.

The Evolution from Ranch to Vineyard

The Crucial Year: 2008 and destiny had another chapter in store for the Rocha family. Claudio met Rogelio Morales, then a distinguished figure at Spring Mountain Winery in Napa Valley, CA. Their shared passion for winemaking sowed the seeds of a fruitful partnership. When Rogelio visited Valle de Guadalupe, he was struck by the land's potential for vine cultivation. With years of expertise under his belt, he saw an opportunity and offered his guidance. To the Rochas, who were already budding entrepreneurs, this was an offer they couldn't refuse.

The Birth of Viñas de la ERRE

Inauguration and Expansion By 2010, the world was introduced to Viñas de la ERRE. The doors officially swung open in 2014, marking a new chapter in the vineyard's illustrious history. The meticulousness of their estate bottling process set them apart from the competition.

The Magic Behind the Bottles

The Power Trio of Viñas de la ERRE At the heart of Viñas de la ERRE’s success was a trio: winegrower Ernesto I. Rocha, mentor enologist Rogelio, and Claudio Rocha overseeing the vineyard. Their combined expertise ensured that from hand-harvesting to barrel-aging, every process was carried out with utmost precision. Maintaining Excellence in Every Bottle is a commitment to quality that doesn't stop there. With a watchful eye, they oversaw fermentation, aging, and bottling, ensuring that every bottle echoed their dedication.

A Global Recognition

Renowned sommeliers from every corner began recognizing and praising Viñas de la ERRE wines for their unparalleled quality. Not to mention Viñas de la ERRE is the proud owner of a handful of Gold and Silver awards, locally and internationally.

A Taste of Love and Commitment

A Personal Invitation to Viñas de la ERRE isn't just about premium wines. It's about love, family, and an undying love for Valle de Guadalupe. Every sip from a Viñas de la ERRE bottle is a testament to this commitment. And now, they extend an invitation to you. Experience the magic of Viñas de la ERRE and cherish moments that will last a lifetime.

The transformation of Hacienda San Martín Caballero from a humble ranch to an esteemed vineyard is an ode to vision, passion, and perseverance. So, when you next savor a glass from Viñas de la ERRE, remember the love and dedication infused in every swirl and sip.

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