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Boutique Winery vs. Commercial Winery; Can you tell the difference?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

The difference between high and low production wines goes beyond the quantity. It is about the process of the creation of each bottle of wine and you are likely to encounter complimentary tastings. A boutique wine refers to the harvest, irrigation, cultivation, and amount of wine produced per year. We know that Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, produces a huge percentage of the wine distributed in Mexico. Still, some wine lovers prefer to enjoy their favorite bottle from a boutique winery, looking for the next best hard to get wine.

We must emphasize that each winery in Valle de Guadalupe has its own charm and specialty, whether it is a commercial wine or not. But in the consumers POV, how can we choose which winery to visit, boutique experience or commercial? We know this is a hard question for some of you. We want to explain as best as we know the main difference between commercial wine and boutique wine.

By the Way, if You Haven’t Guessed It Yet, We Are a Boutique Winery. How Do We Know This?

There are three fundamental aspects that identify boutique wineries as "boutique-y": 1. the cultivation or harvest and care of the grapes, 2. the process of creation, elaboration, and production of the grape, and 3. is considered by the amount of wine produced and distributed per year. Unlike commercial wines, a boutique wine is treated 100% hand-treated from the planting, watering, cleaning, picking, to bottling and labeling of each bottle. Every bottle is individually treated and kept up to our high standards. It's the attention to detail, as we have learned, is what keep our #errefans engaged with our story and drinking o

ur wines. Of course, this does not mean that a boutique wine is better or worse than a commercial wine. Still, it is more oriented to manual processes, making it a very manual hobby to keep up with. While commercial is mass produced and gets you more access to great products. Whether you like a boutique or commercial wine, just what it’s totally up to your palate, trust the process!

Viñas de la ERRE opening the summer of June 2013.

Even though each wine-lover is attracted to different aspects of the wine they drink, certified wine tasters classify each boutique winery by its signature wine. We are known for our red blends, all having the common denominator of Cabernet Sauvignon. This brings us to the next point, to introduce once again our enologist at Viñas de la ERRE, Rogelio Morales, who has been working with us in the meticulous process of creation for each and every estate wine.

Rogelio Morales, with over 30 years of experience and expert in the highest quality wine production in Napa Valley, USA, has influenced Viñas de la ERRE's creation of strong full-bodied red blend wines. By choice, we do not filter our wines, allowing an extraordinary, unique flavor, and a long-lasting bouquet of smell in each glass of wine. Our vines are certified from Napa Valley and our manual irrigation is with fresh, untreated water, 100% extracted from underground.

Our production goes from complex and elegant red wines to fresh and silky white blends. We can assure you that you will find a wine from our list that you can appreciate. But, please give each one a try and let us know what you think. As a small family owned business we grow because you continue to support our project. When it comes to making each wine, we put our hearts into the process. We are proud of being a boutique winery with a small production and very big wines. To learn more about Viñas de la ERRE, our production, or wine-tasting options check out our website or scroll down to RSVP from our tasting options.


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