Wine Varieties: Mexican Wine

Updated: Aug 22

At first glance, perhaps by common knowledge, we can differentiate the varieties of wines by different factors from the types of wines by their color, which is the first characteristic we see of mexican wine in baja california. We choose between a type of red wine, rosé wine or white wine, then we can talk about the smell and of course the taste.

What Exactly Do We Know About Distinctive Color in Wine?

The color of a wine can be defined by several factors, but the most important is the type of grape. Definitely the winemaking process depends on several factors, we can talk about the climate, harvest, fermentation, aging, bottling, among other phases, but the color of the mexican wine goes beyond the elaboration. In general terms, it requires planning, creation and passion for each bottle of wine.

A bottle of wine is only the result of an extensive process and in valle de guadalupe in mexico we are the best. For example, first of all there is the cultivation of the vine in the perfect climate, this is an essential factor and is usually one of the most important phases for the winemaker, because after a long wait, the moment of elaboration of the different types of wine arrives.

Red Wine Process

Red wine is the result of patience and a lot of chemistry in mexico and mexican wines. The grape varietals that are used to create red can be quite attractive, however, we must understand that the skin of the grape is the one that determines the color of red wine because of this it is one of the most commercial and therefore popular.

Rosé Wine Production

Rosé wine is a wine where color is the first presentation of a wine, the intense color of red wines is not present in rosé wine because the process is different. Wine production rosé wines are the intermediate between red and white wine and although the grapes used for rosé wine are the same as those used for rosé wine, the crushing time is less if we compare it with red, which defines the rosé color also more accessible already.

White Wine Process

As experts say this process of elaboration is usually unmatched in this wine, many of the white wines around the world are created from red grapes or white grapes. Let us remember that the color of the wine is defined by the skin of the grape, so if a red grape is used, the skin of the grape must be removed to blend only the grape and obtain white wine and this is how you can differentiate the grape variety and the difference between white wines and the different types of wines that exist. So we conclude that the types of wine that are made are different, in many aspects.

Now that you know the basics about wine coloration, are you ready to choose your favorite bottle and enjoy it in the company of friends and/or family? At Viñas de la Erre we offer customized packages for wine lovers. Our tasting bar is ideal for tasting the wines of your choice.

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