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The basic colours of wines

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

At first glance, perhaps by common knowledge, we can ask for a white wine, which is quick and simple. But, do you know how white wine is created, or the other three wine colors came to be? Jesus didn't make all wine afterall.

What determines a distinctive color in wine?

The color of a wine can be defined by several factors, but the most important is the type of grape or varietal. The winemaking process, on the other hand, depends on other factors such as climate, harvest, fermentation, aging, and bottling, among other phases, but the color of our Mexican wines goes beyond the elaboration. In general terms, it requires planning, creation, and passion for each bottle of wine.

A bottle of wine is only the result of an extensive process that in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico, we have mastered and continuously create beautiful tasting wines. For example, for our process, there is the cultivation of the vine at its peak at the perfect climate, this is an essential factor and is usually one of the most important phases for the winemaker because, after a long wait, the moment of elaboration of the different types of wine arrives.

Red Wines Process

Red wine is one of the most commercial and therefore popular selections. Each red wine has its distinct bouquet of aromas and colors. This is the result of patience, water, and supervision. The grape varietals that are used to create red can be quite attractive, however, we must understand that the skin of the grape is the one that determines the color of red wine. And as we mentioned before, the weather has a lot to do with the final product.

Rosé Wine Production

Rosé wine is a wine where color is the first presentation. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as pink grapes, but you can stain wine juice. Well, that's exactly how you make rosé wines! You stain the grape juice for a short period using red grape skins. Rosé wines are the intermediate between red and white wine and the grapes used for rosé wine are the same as those used for red wine.

White Wine Process

Many white wines around the world are created from red grapes or white grapes. Let us remember that the color of the wine is defined by the skin of the grape, so if a red grape is used, the skin of the grape must be removed to blend only the grape and obtain white wine and this is how you can differentiate the grape variety and the difference between white wines and the different types of wines that exist.

Now that you know the basics about wine coloration, are you ready to choose from a wine list at Viñas de la ERRE? Visit us to come and compare some grape juice colors with us!

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