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SAY YES!, to a Winery Wedding in Valle de Guadalupe, México.

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

If you have already said YES!!!!!! and are you looking for the ideal space for your wedding, but don't know where to start, this blog we will tell you why getting married in a vineyard in Valle de Guadalupe is a great option for you and for all brides. Whether it is an intimate wedding or not, in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California you ill find options that fit your vision and budget from a weekend to as many days as you wish.

First things first, wedding trends in Valle de Guadalupe this 2022 continue to point to open and rustic spaces, not only because of the current contingency conditions in Valle de Guadalupe but also because of the beauty of the mix between simple and classic Valle de Guadalupe. If you are a bride with a definite date, budget, theme and style, it is possible that the most difficult part is the next step: choosing the space to celebrate your dream wedding.

Advantages of Getting Married at Viñas de la Erre

  • Outdoor rustic space

  • Entrance off the main road Ruta del Vino

  • Memorable photos

  • Romantic destination wedding

  • Estate-award-winning wines on the menu

  • Access to local professional vendors

  • Rustic furniture and barrel tables

  • Safe Parking

  • Transportation (available upon request, additional costs apply)

So, if you are a bride who still does not visualize that special day, but longs to start your preparations, knowing the advantages of having a wedding in a vineyard is a good start. Making the final decision is not easy, but once you find the space of your dreams the whole process is easier. You should consider Valle de Guadalupe as one of your options.

Celebrating your wedding in a vineyard is definitely out of the conventional!!... without losing tradition and elegance. The desire to live that unique day away from the city can become a reality with us at Viñas de la ERRE in Valle de Guadalupe.

Why should you choose us for your event?

We are a small family business, we offer you the support and personalized attention you need during the process, we understand what it takes to plan a destination wedding: secure parking on the day of the event, weather factors, and above all, the stay and transfer of your guests to the hotel where they will stay in Valle de Guadalupe.

The versatility of our vineyard offers you tranquility in an outdoor or semi-covered space, an excellent location with easy access and visible roads for any vendor and guest to find. Don't forget when your guests arrive they will enjoy a glass from our menu of award-winning wines.

If you love the idea of getting married away from the city, getting out of the conventional and living your dream wedding, we are the vineyard you are looking for in Valle de Guadalupe.



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