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Learning basic food & wine pairing for the holiday season...

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Are you ready to celebrate the end of 2022? but not really prepared with dinner or appetizer options? Maybe you are opting for the classic dishes, or perhaps you are thinking of getting creative and following some crazy recipe you found online. Whatever you do, make sure you do it right, selecting a good wine.

First, should you consider pairing your wine to complement your dish and enhances its delicious flavors? the answer is Ummm Yes! these two concepts are the key point when pairing a bottle of wine, and yeah we know it probably all sounds the same. But be patient you're right! it should not be hard to pair as a beginner because there is no perfection, just basic guidelines. This blog is dedicated to newbies out there trying to dip their toes into the wine-lover club. Here we encourage you to get creative with spices and combinations, it's all about deliciousness and personal taste! Check out our badass ERRE charcuterie holiday table as a great idea for your next holiday parties.

· Lightly salted vegetable, hummus, cold meat are the best appetizers, never fail!

· Seafood and fish pair better with young or aged whites

· White meats; chicken, vegetables, and soft cheeses with barrel-aged whites

· Lambs, Pork, Beef with a natural butter sauce pair well with aged red wines

· Cheeses, strong spices, roasts, and grilled food will pair better with aged reds

For fun recipes, follow our Pintrest account this 2023 stay tuned!

· PRO TIP: Long-cooked stews and steaks are most suitable with any premium red wines or full-bodied young red wines.

For more specific details, let's talk about two of our most popular wines at ERRE; cabernet sauvignon and our Mezcla Bordalesa or an exquisite lamb for the holiday eve. Another perfect combination you can try is your favorite white wine: cuveée blanc; in case you are a seafood lover, this pairs perfectly with delicious oysters, scallops, crab legs, or a lightly seasoned Baja-style swordfish. YUM!, Seafood or meats, we hope you enjoy your wine selection with an amazing meal and great company during this time of the year. Choosing the perfect wine should not be that hard or expensive, though remember to make it a point to choose food first and wine later!

However, we are not sommeliers, just extra enthusiastic on the wine topic!. With that said, we do have more than a decade of experience in the wine industry, and we are sure somehow our basic knowledge of wine and food pairings will be of great use to you. As a small family-owned business, we make each wine with passion and heart, we put our sweat and tears into the process, just ask anyone who has sat down at our tasting bar and spoken to the owners themselves. We are proud of being a boutique winery with a small production and very big tasting wines. We hope that out of all the options out there you choose our wines to celebrate this Holiday Season. If you like in México you are able to purchase our line of wines now at our Amazon MX shop, check us out today! Cheers,



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