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Wine Selection for Newbies

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

The special occasion can be has arrived, a romantic dinner, a celebration with friends, or a relaxing evening dinner in Valle de Guadalupe and you don't know which WINE TO CHOOSE!!!... Don't panic or be embarrassed, we have all been in that situation at some point. So, if you consider yourself a beginner in the world of wine, the following information is for you, we will talk about the basics of wine for beginners.

The characteristics that make a good wine stand out can be many, once again, it is important to recognize that neither the color, nor the time of reserve of the wine, or even the winery where it comes from will define it to your palate because the ideal red wine for beginners for you is chosen by Y-O-U. Each palate is different, therefore each one demands wines of different colors, aromas, varietals, temperatures, and flavors of wine.

Which Wine is Best to Drink?

There is no right answer here, the answer will probably only come from your palate when tasting wine. So, we encourage you to drink up! because once you live the experience of tasting a wine you really enjoy that is, that will most likely be one of your choices next time. So, explore and be brave with your wine selections each time, everything else will flow once you get comfy. Although, that wine list or grocery wine isle could be very intimidating or for newbies. You must be a little patient and read the label on the bottle of the wines (or can be guided by the year and region of production if you do not like to read) .

What is Varietal?

We know that the elaboration and production of wine come from specific grapes or varietals. It's important to understand the basic words when keeping up with other wine enthusiasts.

What do we know about the varietals in our wine?

Varietal wine refers to the main type of grape from which a wine is made. That is, a bottle of Merlot wine refers to the type of grape called Merlot, and a bottle of wine with Cabernet Sauvignon on the label refers to the type of grape or varietal with which it is made.

The desire to understand more about varietal wine, wine regions, and its production can awaken the curiosity to learn about wine. For beginners, it's encouraged to visit a vineyard and learn about different processes. Valle de Guadalupe, is a nearby wine region next to San Diego, Ca. border with Tijuana and an easy weekend trip to go and explore the many wineries in the area.

All Varietals in Viñas de la Erre For You

At Viñas de la Erre, for example, we handle an extensive list of varietals. From local ones like Tempranillo, to less common ones like Moscatel de Alejandría. Viñas de la ERRE's house staple varietal is Cabernet Sauvignon, one of the grapes most recognized for its varietals in red wine! Most of our reserve red wines have over 60% Cabernet Sauvignon base all of our ERRE wines are a MUST TRY if your palate enjoys wine.

At Viñas de la Erre we seek to offer a variety of wine options with exquisite varietal flavors that will leave you wanting to buy a few bottles for more. So, as a beginner and now a knowledgeable wine enthusiast we invite you to visit our wine-tasting bar at Viñas de la ERRE. Let's keep learning, tasting, and cheering to wine!

Cheers, ERRE

PS. Here is a small map we share with out customers, working on digitalizing it better for you all!

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